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Bay Towel began as Royal Cleaners in 1929, the former DePere Laundry. In 1965-1966, Donald and Ken Butz purchased Model Laundry, a commercial laundry business.  Our current owner, President and CEO John Butz started in the business in 1970.

Model Laundry operated side by side with Bay Towel on a property located at 501 S. Adams St. until its sale to the Butz family in 1972. Through the creation of Apparel Master in 1971, our linen supply and uniform rental business developed, and the sale of new accounts soon followed. The first account signed by the current Bay Towel was Cuene Buick in December of 1971.  Our core values have helped us be successful and grow over the past 80 years. 

When Frank Cowles started the business that is now Bay Towel in 1936, he visited the Green Bay Packers practice field. He asked Curly Lambeau if he could provide the towel service for the Green Bay Packers.  Curly pointed his finger at Frank and said, "Frank, you've got the business."

In those days, the spoken word was as valid as a signed contract. Frank Cowles lived by these values, believing that "a deal's a deal". While this is not always the case in today's society, we at Bay Towel still try to live by these values, honoring our commitments and "taking the high road" in our business dealings. While we no longer service towels and practice uniforms for the Packers, we still service mats and other items. We are proud to say that the Green Bay Packers are our longest continuously running account since 1936.

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Jul 24
Where it all started

Where it all started

In 1929, Aunt Olive and Uncle Harvey could not have possibly envisioned Bay Towel today when they purchased The De Pere Laundry at 523 Charles Street.  Over the next eight decades this small laundry has grown into one of the largest and most successful independent linen and uniform rental companies in the state.  A lot has changed over the past 85 years, but the Butz family has never forgotten where it all started.  Our core values as a Wisconsin family business have never changed.

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