Tuesday 24 November 2015

Food and Beverage Services
From Bay Towel

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Food and Beverage

Restaurants and bars that partner with Bay Towel benefit from years of experience serving the food and beverage industry. We understand the challenges that face service professionals in today’s economy. The pressure to balance quality and cost has never been higher.

At Bay Towel, we have a proven track record of providing high quality products with excellent customer service while also helping to control laundry expenses. Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your establishment.

Our partnerships result in:

  • Increased onsite efficiency of deliveries
  • Reduction of lost and abused items
  • A highly professional and clean environment for customers and staff

To learn more about the benefits of a partnership with Bay Towel, Contact one of our representatives today!

Food and Beverage Services:


  • White bar towels

  • Microfiber towels

  • Kitchen and glass towels

  • Recycled bar towels


  • Executive chef coats

  • Chef coats and pants

  • Cook shirts

  • Server shirts


  • 4-way apron

  • Bib apron

  • Bistro apron

  • Waist apron

Linens & Napkins