Saturday 4 February 2023

Food Processing Uniform Services in Eau Claire, WI
Bay Towel Linen and Uniform Rental is an HLAC accredited laundry facility.

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  Food Processing Uniform Services in Eau Claire, WI

Proudly Providing Food Processing Uniform Services in Eau Claire, WI

Facilities that partner with Bay Towel benefit from years of experience serving the food manufacturing industries. We understand the challenges that you face in today's economy. The pressure to balance quality and expenses has never been higher. Bay Towel is accredited by the Healthcare Linen Accreditation Council, and processes linens with an EPA registered disinfectant.

We understand the importance of eliminating cross-contamination in your plant. We can not only provide uniforms for your workers but ensure they are hygienically cleaned to the highest standards. This makes your job of complying with personnel health standards easier. Once we understand your needs, we'll set up a program to replenish your uniforms on a regular basis.

We will manage your garment program for you, while you manage your business.

At Bay Towel, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality, hygienically clean products with excellent customer service while also helping to control laundry expenses. Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your facility.

Our partnerships result in:

   Increased onsite efficiency of deliveries

   Garments that meet sterility requirements and function as expected during wear

   Worry-free uniform inventory management

   A safe and professional environment for employees

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