Thursday 9 April 2020

A Message to the Bay Towel Team, COVID 19

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A Message to the Bay Towel Team, COVID 19

Hello Bay Towel Team,

As we have been receiving inquiries from customers about how we are mitigating the possible threat of COVID-19 on textiles we are processing, I thought it might be timely to send out a follow up email on the matter. 

The following statement was taken off of the TRSA web site.  TRSA provides industry-specific resources for linen, uniform and facility services customers, employees and others, as well as advisories and Executive Orders from state, national and worldwide agencies and organizations pertaining to safe operations as essential services processing reusable textiles during the international COVID-19 Crisis.

“For the laundry industry, there are no recommended changes in normal laundry handling and processing of textiles from the CDC, as the current textile processing standard of appropriate time, temperature and chemical will kill the virus.”

I have attached:

  1. A letter form Angela Becker, Senior Technical Account Program Leader, Textile Care, which addresses the chemistry that we use .  Some of you may remember Angela as she visited many of our larger healthcare customers when we launched Advacare. Corona Virus 19 Letter
  2. The Ecolab COVID-19 Action Plan which we follow at Bay Towel as part of our normal HLAC accreditation processes. Corona Virus 19 Laundry Fact Sheet

I would also direct you to our web site;  Jodi posted information and links from the CDC and TRSA which should also help to explain what we are doing as a company and an industry to mitigate the threat of this virus. 

Thank you.