Friday 16 May 2014

Floor Care
What does it mean and why do we do it?

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Floor Care

Clean wet and dust mops are essential in any good floor care program.  Floor care starts by reducing the amount of dirt that comes into the building.  If you are just spreading dirt and germs by using low quality, dirty, wet and dry mops, then please think about the primary objectives of cleaning:

  • To create a condition of well being for humans (good hygiene)
  • Reduces exposure levels and risks
  • Removes unwanted substances from indoor environments
    • BIOLOGICAL – Fungi (molds & yeasts), bacteria and viruses, dust mites, insect, rodent, and other animal proteins.
    • CHEMICAL – Lead, pesticides, VOC’s, from cleaners, deodorizers and cosmetics.
    • PARTICULATE – Fine dust particles and fibers from soil track in, clothing, copiers, shredders and carpet.

This week, we kicked off a wet and dust mop promotion and are offering special mop rental service prices to all of our customers in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Northern Illinois, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and throughout Wisconsin.  Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how a quality mop program promotes health and safety!