Friday 30 March 2012

Slips, Trips and Falls

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In a study by the Institute of Real Estate Management, 57 percent of respondents ranked slips and falls as the single leading cause of current disputes, and 63 percent ranked such accidents among the top three management issues they and their colleagues face.

As a result, CNA conducted a study on slip, trip and fall prevention and made a strong argument for a rental mat program:

"As expected and confirmed by our data, entryways exhibited low traction characteristics. Floor mats in these areas were especially effective in reducing the migration of materials, such as dirt and water, into the facility. However, to maintain their effectiveness, the mats needed to be changed out at regular intervals before becoming saturated. Saturated entryway mats were observed to make the situation worse. Heavily soiled mats allowed contaminants to migrate to the clean public areas, significantly affecting slip resistance."

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