Friday 16 November 2012

The Floor Mat Salt Test

Posted by at 1:09 PM

Customers often ask me about the difference between floor mats that can be purchased from a big box retailer and those that can be rented from Bay Towel Linen and Uniform Rental.  There are several very important differences:

-With a Bay Towel walk off mat program, we burden the initial investment in order to get the mats on your floor leaving more cash in your pockets for other projects.  

-Our image enhancing programs include the proper cleaning and exchange of the mats on a weekly basis saving you time and ensuring that the mats always look their best.

-We offer numerous matting systems with a wide variety of different options and colors designed to meet your requirement for functionality, size and image.

-Rental floor mats simply work better.  They remove and trap more dirt, salt, sand, stones and debris than mats offered by retailers.  This means that your flooring, employees and customers will be better protected.   Check out the "salt test" on the attached video and you will see what I mean.