For exceptional linen, uniform, and facility services in Green Bay, WI, Bay Towel is your top choice and has been since 1929. We excel at providing premium products and unmatched services tailored to the unique demands of a range of industries.

Table Linen

Setting the ideal ambiance for dining experiences is easier with our top-notch table linens. We offer a wide selection of colors, patterns, and materials that elevate the decor of restaurants, banquet halls, and special events. Every tablecloth and napkin we provide is impeccably laundered for a fresh, crisp presentation.

Towels & Blankets

We specialize in providing plush hotel towels and cozy blankets to both the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Through professional laundering, we maintain the quality and softness that clients have come to expect from linen, uniform, and facility services in Green Bay.

Bed Linen

A good night's sleep starts with fresh, cozy bed linens. We furnish hotels and healthcare facilities with perfectly laundered and ironed sheets and pillowcases. Each thread of our bed linens exemplifies our dedication to quality.

Healthcare Apparel

We understand that in healthcare settings, the focus is on appearance, hygiene, and comfort. That's why we supply specialized healthcare attire, including patient gowns and surgical scrubs. Our offerings meet the stringent requirements of healthcare professionals in need of top-notch linen, uniform, and facility services in Green Bay.

Automotive Uniforms

For the automotive industry, uniforms need to be both durable and comfortable. Bay Towel offers resilient, customizable attire designed to meet the daily needs of automotive professionals in Green Bay.

Food & Beverage Uniforms

Whether you're in the kitchen or serving tables, our stylish and functional uniforms have you covered. Our expert laundering services ensure that your team always appears polished and professional.

Food Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical Uniforms

Cleanliness and compliance are key in the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. Our specialized uniforms adhere to rigorous standards, solidifying our reputation as a leading provider of linen, uniform, and facility services in Green Bay, WI.

Lodging and Hospitality Uniforms

We offer an extensive collection of high-quality uniforms for the lodging and hospitality sector. Tailored for both comfort and professionalism, our uniforms make a lasting impression on guests.

Manufacturing Uniforms

Built to withstand the challenges of manufacturing environments, our uniforms are both durable and versatile. This offering adds another layer to our comprehensive range of linen, uniform, and facility services in Green Bay.

Restroom Supplies

Equip your restrooms with our wide range of supplies including soap dispensers, air fresheners, and paper products to elevate your customer experience.


Enhance the entrance of your establishment while increasing safety with our customized mat services. We offer various design and color options to match your business aesthetics.


Maintaining clean floors is effortless with our range of commercial mops. With diverse mop head and handle options, we contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.

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Our Service Area

Bay Towel provides linen rental services, uniform rental services, and commercial laundry services in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau and throughout Wisconsin.