Linen, Uniform, and Facility Services in Madison, WI

When it comes to linen, uniform, and facility services in Madison, WI, Bay Towel has been the go-to provider since 1929. We take pride in offering quality products and exceptional services that meet the specific needs of various industries. We offer each of the following:

Table Linen

Our exquisite table linens are designed to set the perfect tone for any dining event. Bay Towel provides an array of colors, patterns, and fabrics that enhance the aesthetics of restaurants, banquets, and other special occasions. Our linen service ensures clean, crisp tablecloths and napkins every time.

Towels & Blankets

From luxurious hotel towels to warm blankets, we supply various hospitality and healthcare industries with soft and durable products. Our professional handling and laundering methods retain the quality and comfort that clients expect from linen, uniform, and facility services in Madison.

Bed Linen

Everyone appreciates the feeling of fresh, soft bed linens. Bay Towel's bed linen service provides impeccably laundered and pressed sheets and pillowcases to many hotels and healthcare facilities in the Madison area. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every thread.

Healthcare Apparel

In the healthcare sector, appearance, hygiene, and comfort are paramount. We provide specialized healthcare apparel ranging from patient gowns to surgical scrubs. Our services meet the rigorous standards of healthcare professionals seeking top-tier linen, uniform, and facility services in Madison.

Automotive Uniforms

Automotive uniforms must withstand the demands of daily work while ensuring the comfort and safety of employees. Bay Towel offers durable, customizable uniforms designed to meet the requirements of various automotive sectors in Madison.

Food & Beverage Uniforms

From chefs to waitstaff, we've got the food & beverage industry covered with stylish and functional uniforms. Our laundry service ensures that your team always looks their best, reflecting your establishment's commitment to excellence.

Food Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical Uniforms

Compliance and cleanliness are vital in the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. We offer specialized uniforms designed to meet these exacting standards, underlining our position as a leading provider of linen, uniform, and facility services in Madison, WI.

Lodging and Hospitality Uniforms

Our range of high-quality lodging and hospitality uniforms ensures that your staff looks professional and feels comfortable. We cater to all levels of the hospitality industry, providing uniforms that leave a lasting impression.

Manufacturing Uniforms

Our manufacturing uniforms are tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing sector. Bay Towel provides durable and versatile uniforms that endure the rigors of manufacturing environments, further enriching our portfolio of linen, uniform, and facility services in Madison.

Restroom Supplies

A well-stocked restroom reflects positively on your business. We offer a comprehensive range of restroom supplies, including soap dispensers, air fresheners, and paper products, all designed to enhance the overall customer experience.


Our customized mat service not only enhances the visual appeal of your entrance but also provides safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls. Choose from a wide range of designs and colors that best suit your business.


Keeping your floors clean is a breeze with our commercial mops. We offer a variety of mop heads and handles to ensure efficient cleaning, contributing to a safe and sanitary environment.

How It Works

If your business regularly uses towels, tablecloths, uniforms, mats, mops, cleaning products, or other linen products, we will bring those items to you when needed. When signed up for service, a route service representative will deliver the materials you need, clean and ready to work.

Your employees will wear the uniforms, use the linen, use the mops and cleaning materials. Then we'll collect the used items, leave fresh ones, take the used items back to our facility processing, and repeat the cycle! 

Our Service Area

Bay Towel provides linen rental services, uniform rental services, and commercial laundry services in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau and throughout Wisconsin.