Linens, Uniforms and Cleaning Solutions for Hotels, Resorts and Lodging Facilities

Whether you run a Four-Star Hotel or a College Boarding House, Bay Towel is here to support you so you do not have to worry about the laundry on a daily basis.

You want your guest experience to be of the best quality every time. That’s key to the success of your business. We know that and want to support you with the best quality bath and hand towels, washcloths, bathmats, flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases, and robes.

We will work with you to set up your inventory, which may be cyclical, depending on the time of year, and then service your establishment on a weekly basis so you never run out of linen. And if you run a day spa and are sick of needing to do the laundry every day, then why not put that task in our hands so you do what you do best: tend to your guests.  We’ll support you with the rest.

Bed Linens

Room Linens

  • Standard bed and terry linens
  • Premium bed and terry linens
  • Luxury bed and terry linens
  • Microcheck bed linens
Chef Uniform

Staff Uniforms

  • Desk staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Chef coats and pants
  • Server shirts and aprons
Table Linens & Napkins

Table Linens and Napkins

Cloth Cleaning Towels

Facility Services

  • Walk-off and anti-fatigue mats
  • Microfiber cleaning towels
  • Microfiber mops
  • Restroom supplies

We Supply You With Linen and Towel Services

Our bed linen is top quality, so your guests will feel like royalty. We provide high-quality thread count flat and fitted sheets, as well as pillowcases. Everything is laundered to the highest quality standards and ready for use by your service staff.

Your bathrooms want to look fresh, clean and laundered. When your team rolls the towels or folds them just as you want, they want to know that the towels are clean, sanitized, and smelling that way.

At Bay Towel, we service your linen and towels as if they were our own.

We want your guests to experience that feeling you get when you step into a Four Star Hotel, and you just know the service you will receive. And we want you to know that that’s the same service we will provide you with at Bay Towel.

To top off your guests' experience, we can supply you with the plushest robes to make them remember their stay forever.

Don’t forget we also supply table linens too. We’ve got you covered in all areas.

How It Works

The Bay Towel service team will assist you in customizing a linen service program that meets your needs.  From table linens, professional uniforms, and restroom supplies to the right tools for the back of the house, we will find what works best for you.  

Once linen inventories are established, you will receive regularly scheduled service from your Bay Towel Territory Representative (TRR).  Your TRR will stock your shelves with clean linens and uniforms, replace floor mats, and manage linen and paper inventories for you. 

When you contact the Bay Towel customer service department, you will speak with a live person with no automated messaging or confusing phone trees.

In addition to linens, Bay Towel will also manage your paper and restroom supplies.  Each week, your TRR will inventory and maintain restroom supplies for your establishment.  No more running out of paper or having to run to a big box store for restroom supplies.

Lodging and Hospitality

Hotels and lodging facilities that partner with Bay Towel benefit from years of experience serving the hospitality industry. We understand the challenges that hospitality service professionals face in today’s economy. The pressure to balance quality and cost has never been higher.

At Bay Towel, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality products with excellent customer service while also helping to control laundry expenses. Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your hospitality facility.

Our partnerships result in:

  • Onsite efficiency of linen deliveries and detailed worry-free inventory management
  • A highly professional and clean environment for guests and staff
Stack of clean cloth napkins

Our Service Area

Bay Towel provides linen rental services, uniform rental services, and commercial laundry services in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau and throughout Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

At Bay Towel, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality, hygienically clean products with excellent customer service while also helping to control laundry expenses. Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your facility.

Bay Towel will provide your facility with managed linen inventories without overstocking your shelves with linens you do not need.   Bay Towel invoices are easy to read and not full of tricks or gimmicks.  If you have any billing questions, always call our customer service department.