Saturday 15 December 2012

Bay Towel's new Alpine-Airâ„¢ odor control technology

Posted by at 12:10 PM

Strong odors are the number one factor influencing a visitor’s impression regarding the cleanliness of public areas.

Bay Towel's Alpine-Air™ provides a powerful yet cost-effective solution for keeping a pleasant fragrance in the air. It is ideal in rest rooms, locker rooms, lobbies, rental properties, veterinary clinics, laundry rooms and many more locations.

Bay Towel's Alpine-Air™ is environmentally friendly as it operates without any harmful propellants and does not require batteries.  Powerful enough to fight odors in rooms up to 6000 cubic feet in size, it emits no sound whatsoever.

Bay Towel is proud to offer a new "green" odor control technology in four Alpine inspired fragrances to customers in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wausau, Madison and throughout Wisconsin.