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Ambulatory and Healthcare Clinics

As you know, in the healthcare industry, safety is always first. Not only for your patients but also for your team of workers.

We have processes and procedures in place that are audited on a regular basis, setting out how we will operate and function as a laundry provider to the healthcare industry. At Bay Towel, you know our cleaning meets the highest standards because of our care and ongoing accreditation. We follow the guidelines to ensure everything you use meets the highest quality standards in terms of being laundered.

Healthcare facilities that partner with Bay Towel benefit from working with a supplier who understands the special requirements of the healthcare industry. The pressure to balance patient safety, patient satisfaction scores, and expenses has never been higher.  Choosing Bay Towel linens for your healthcare facility offers your staff and patients the safest linens available.  Bay Towel is accredited by the Healthcare Linen Accreditation Council and processes linens with an EPA-registered disinfectant.

Benefits of Partnering with Bay Towel

  • High-quality linens that meet patients' comfort expectations.
  • Safely processing healthcare linens with the only EPA-registered disinfectant obtaining a 5-log organism kill.
  • Monthly third-party wash floor tests to ensure quality standards are being met.
  • Worry-free inventory management, scrub uniforms, and lab coats are electronically tracked to ensure your staff always has uniforms and a clean, professional appearance.
  • Redundancy.  Taking care of patient's needs will never be disrupted by your linen service.  Bay Towel has full disaster prevention/response and recovery plans in place.  
  • Service relationships that are responsive and adaptive to your facility's changing needs.
Healthcare linens getting cleaned

How It Works

Our experienced team of service professionals will listen to your specific linen needs and develop a service program that fits your operation best. We understand that no two healthcare facilities are alike.  Bay Towel will work with your team to determine the product offering that best fits the services you offer. We will then establish clear linen inventories to meet your needs and ensure you never run out of linens.  

Your team needs a hygienically clean, professional appearance. Bay Towel offers full linen of medical scrubs.  We understand the day-to-day operations of the OR and will establish a uniform program to best meet your needs.  We offer both bulk scrub programs and individual sizing options.

You can focus on patient care while we take care of the laundry. 

Once you are set up with Bay Towel linen service, your facility will receive healthcare linen services from a dedicated Bay Towel Territory Route Representative (TRR).  The TRR will stock your shelves full of clean linens and scrub uniforms.  In addition to stocking, they will manage your linen inventories, so you never have to place an order or worry about running out of fresh, hygienically clean scrub uniforms.  Your TRR will check in with you regularly to ensure all service goals are clearly being met.  If you are not able to speak with the TRR, you can contact our customer service department.  When you call our customer service department, you always talk to a live person. 

Lab coats on laundry line to get commercially cleaned

For Your Team

You want your team to always look professional whilst wearing the most hygienically clean uniforms in the OR. We understand how your OR works and provide you with uniform services for them.

At Bay Towel, we understand that scrub shortages are a huge problem in ORs.  Ensuring proper scrub inventories is what we do best. 

We will set up one of two programs for you.  The first is a bulk scrub program, designed around the staff and the surgical cases, setting proper inventories to ensure there are never any scrub shortages holding up surgical cases.

Now, wouldn’t that take a lot of pressure off your surgical team?

The second program involves individually sizing each staff member and assigning scrubs to a specific person.  This individual sizing helps control rental costs and manage inventories.

So not only will we support you to ensure your OR runs more smoothly by allowing scheduled operations to always run because they won’t be held up by not having scrubs available, but we will also help you keep your uniform rental costs under control.

A Customized Linen Service to Meet Your Individual Needs

At Bay Towel we understand that each health care provider is different. That is why we customize our services to meet your specific needs.

We understand from you what your service offerings are and then establish a clean linen inventory to match the service.

Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your facility.

You focus on patient care, and we will take care of the laundry.

Once your clean linen inventory is set, your Bay Towel Territory Route Representative will then manage that inventory to replenish it so that you never run out of hygienically clean linen.

This process will be seamless to you, and if you have any concerns, you can always reach out to our dedicated customer service team and speak with one of our representatives to have the problem resolved.

Lab Coat

Staff Uniforms

  • Lab Coats
  • Barrier tunics
  • Bulk and stylized scrubs
  • Housekeeping
Towels & Linens

Bed Linens

  • Pillowcases
  • Flat and fitted sheets
  • Lifter sheets
  • Bedspreads and mattress pads
Patient Gowns

Patient Apparel

  • Gowns
  • Pediatric gowns
  • Mammogram gowns
  • Exam robes and shorts
Bed Linens

Towels and Blankets

  • Bath and hand towels
  • Washcloths
  • Thermal and bath blankets
  • Microfiber towels

Our Service Area

Bay Towel provides linen rental services, uniform rental services, and commercial laundry services in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau and throughout Wisconsin.

How much does it cost?

At Bay Towel, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality, hygienically clean products with excellent customer service while also helping to control laundry expenses. Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your facility.

Bay Towel will provide your office with managed linen inventories based on patient volume without overstocking your shelves with linens you do not need. Bay Towel invoices are easy to read and not full of tricks or gimmicks.  If you have any billing questions, always call our customer service department.