Linens, Napkins, Uniforms and Cleaning Solutions for Restaurants, Bars and Diners

Bay Towel provides quality food and beverage linen and uniform services. Whether it is table cloths, napkins, or kitchen uniforms, we provide a cleaner, environmentally friendly, professional appearance to compliment your setting. Bay Towel linens are hygienically clean, keeping your staff and customers safe.

Benefits of Partnering with Bay Towel

  • A highly professional and polished clean presentation for customers and staff
  • Worry-free Inventory management of hygienically clean linens and restroom supplies
  • Service relationships that are responsive and adaptive to your business's changing needs
  • A dedicated Territory Route Representative (TRR)
  • A cleaner, more sanitary table surface than bare tables.
  • Less waste, linens are environmentally friendly.

Bay Towel will provide your business with managed linen inventories

How It Works

The Bay Towel service team will assist you in customizing a service program that meets your needs. From table linens, professional uniforms, and restroom supplies to the right tools for the back of the house, we will find what works best for you.

Once linen inventories are established, you will receive regularly scheduled service from your Bay Towel Territory Representative (TRR). Your TRR will deliver linens and uniforms, stock shelves, replace floor mats, and manage linen and paper inventories for you.

If you have a special occasion, notify your TRR on what your linen needs will be, or call our customer service department. When you contact the Bay Towel customer service department, you will speak with a live person with no automated messaging or confusing phone trees.

Bay Towel will also manage your paper and restroom supplies. Each week, your TRR will inventory and maintain restroom supplies for your establishment. No more running out of paper or having to run to a big box store for restroom supplies.



  • White bar towels
  • Microfiber towels
  • Kitchen and glass towels
  • Recycled bar towels


  • Executive chef coats
  • Chef coats and pants
  • Cook shirts
  • Server shirts


  • 4-way apron
  • Bib apron
  • Bistro apron
  • Waist apron
Linens & Napkins

Linens & Napkins

Whether you own a restaurant, a café, a diner, or a bar, Bay Towel is here to support you and keep your establishment up to standards. We will dress your chefs and provide towels for your bar staff and dishwashing team. Bay Towels will partner with you to have the best-looking kitchen staff and the cleanest food establishment in town.

Chef or Cooks Uniforms

Your chefs and line cooks have the choice between either black or white pants, jackets, shirts, or aprons. They are hygienically cleaned and then pressed to provide that crisp, professional look that you see on TV cooking shows. They make anyone want to eat the food.   

All of our uniforms are cleaned and sanitized to remove food and grease stains to meet the high standards of hygiene required in a kitchen.


We understand that your bar staff needs towels to clean spills and dry glasses. And so your glasses always look sparkling clean, we offer glass polishing towels, too.

Our supply service gives you the quantity you need to get started, then provides ongoing replenishment so you never have to run out of towels during busy days.

For your dishwashing crew, we have dish towels. We know their job isn’t easy, but when they have fresh, clean towels on hand all the time, it is one less thing they have to think about.


Nonslip mats in your kitchen are a must. They not only prevent slippages but also support the staff who are standing for long hours.

Our mat supply service is set up to provide your initial mat requirements based on the size and scale of your kitchen, then rotate the used and clean mats out on a regular basis.

Hand Washing Supplies

To meet the food safety standards, it is important that you have handwashing stations for your staff. We not only supply hand soap, but we also supply you with paper towels and dispensers.

Your team will have what they need to ensure they meet their food safety standards, and you can be comfortable knowing that your supplies will always be stocked or available for your team.

One of our Bay Towel Territory Representatives will be your regular contact to support the full supply of all of these above items for your establishment.

Our Service Area

Bay Towel provides linen rental services, uniform rental services, and commercial laundry services in Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Wausau and throughout Wisconsin.

How much does it cost?

At Bay Towel, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality, hygienically clean products with excellent customer service while also helping to control laundry expenses. Our customized service programs allow you to design a plan that is exactly right for your business.

Bay Towel will provide your business with managed linen inventories without overstocking your shelves with linens you do not need. Bay Towel invoices are easy to read and not full of tricks or gimmicks. If you have any billing questions, always call our customer service department.