Thursday 12 December 2013

Instantly Tell A Story with SuperScrape Sign

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Instantly Tell A Story with SuperScrape Sign

Bay Towel linen and uniform rental is offering a new "message mat" that is available to our customers in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Northern Illinois, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and throughout Wisconsin.

SuperScrape Sign, by Mountville Mills, is an exciting new way to instantly "tell a story" to your customers, employees or guests.   

Choose from one of 24 different digitally printed messages in a 7" x 13" thermo-plastic sign.  You can display your message vertically or horizontally on either a 3'x5' or 4'x6' mat.

You can promote safety, provide notice of video surveillance, announce that you are a smoke-free campus or even let visitors know that they need to turn off their cell phones prior to entering your facility!

Is it important for your customers to know that you offer free Wi-Fi service?  Then choose a SuperScrape message mat that prominently displays the Wi-Fi logo that your guests will be sure to notice before they even open your front door.

In addition to its marketing benefit, SuperScrape Sign features molded rubber surface cleats that effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off shoes keeping soil below foot level.  Placed outside your front door, it keeps rocks, pebbles, sand and soil outside and off of your expensive flooring. 

Contact us today and enter the word "SIGN" in the subject line and receive a 20% discount on the SuperScrape Sign mat of your choice.