Thursday 16 May 2013

Micro Check Luxury Bed Linen Program

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The Micro Check Luxury Linens at the
Kress Inn in DePere, WI.
Micro Check Luxury Bed Linen Program

Do your guests get to indulge themselves in beautifully created luxury bed linens which shimmer in the sunlight and transform and lighten their mood?

Bay Towel's micro check luxury bed linen program is now available to our linen rental service customers in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Northern Illinois, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and throughout Wisconsin.
A quirky alternative to a more traditional plain white design, the fabric has a crisp sateen finish.  A myriad of tiny checks woven into a unique pattern creates an eye-popping delightful presentation for your guests. The special fabric blend of the very best long staple fibers makes for a far smoother fabric which is soft and silky, yet highly durable.
Designed with boutique properties in mind, each item is slightly over-sized so that it will fit higher profile mattresses, fluffy pillows and it perfect for triple sheeting.  Both your guests and your housekeeping staff will love how well the finely tailored sheets and pillowcases fit your luxury mattresses.