Friday 12 April 2013

NEW Water’s Industrial Achievement Award 2012

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Bay Towel Linen and Uniform Rental is a recipient of NEW Water’s Industrial Achievement Award 2012.  The Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District has implemented a new pretreatment program element called the Industrial Achievement Awards, which gives recognition to Significant Industrial Users (SIU) that demonstrate exceptional pretreatment performance.

SIUs are evaluated with the following criteria:

  1. The industry must meet GBMSD's definition of a Significant Industrial User (SIU) and been in operation and permitted for the entire calendar year.
  2. The facility must be in full compliance with its Industrial Wastewater Discharge permit.
  3. The SIU must meet all permit self-monitoring and reporting requirements during the calendar year.
  4. The SIU must not have any numerical effluent limits violations except for pH during the calendar year.
The pH criteria is as follows:
  • For those SIUs that do not monitor for pH continuously, no pH effluent limitation may be violated during the calendar year.
  • Where the 5.0 to 12.5 s.u. pH limitation applies to a SIU, no pH may be recorded at a value less than or equal to 4.6 or greater than or equal to 12.9 s.u. during the calendar year.
  • The total time during which the pH values were outside the 5.0 to 12.5 s.u. pH limitation may not exceed 4 hours and 20 minutes over the course of either monitoring period.
As business leaders and innovators in Wisconsin, we must work to minimize damage to our planet, and change less-efficient practices in favor of energy-conscious ones.  Bay Towel always has been, and will continue to be committed to developing and implementing green technology.