Monday 18 November 2013

Plush Luxury Floor Mats

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Plush Luxury Floor Mats

Bay Towel linen and uniform rental has launched a new luxury floor mat program and is now available in Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, Northern Illinois, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and throughout Wisconsin.

Plush carpet floor mats, by Mountville Mills, are our highest quality mat offering.  

Plush mats boast a monsterous 32-ounce face weight and are 50% thicker than traditional deluxe carpet mats.  This means that Plush mats will trap twice as much dirt and water preventing it from ending up on the flooring in your business.

These plush mats are made with DuPont's finest crush-resistant Opti-twist fibers which will ensure that they will continue to prevent slips, trips and falls between cleanings.

Plush floor mats are backed and bordered with a 90mil slip-resistant Nitrile rubber, twice as thick as traditional mats, which means they will stay on place and will not "walk" around your floors.  They are ideal in entryways and runner mats for corridors and long hallways in nursing homes and healthcare facilities with heavy wheel chair traffic.

Quite simply, our Plush Luxury Floor Mat Program is designed for customers who want the best in performance, safety and image.

Contact us today and enter the word "PLUSH" in the subject line for a FREE trial of our Plush Luxury Floor Mat Program.